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Follow-Up email from Warrior Dash folks in response to the “rash”

by on July 12, 2011

Hi everyone,

I finally heard back from someone at Warrior Dash in regards to the email I sent on Friday.  The first portion is the email that I sent to them.  The second part is what I got back in response.  

1) To whom it may concern,

I was not able to find an exact way to contact personnel at Warrior Dash and this email address showed up on one of the pages on your website.  I wanted to make staff aware of the medical issues that many participants suffered once completing the Warrior Dash New England on June 25th and 26th including myself.  I participated on June 25th when weather conditions were less than ideal and had a wonderful time.  I received my fuzzy helmet, my medal, as well as my free beer.  What I did not expect to receive is an less than awesome rash that is now covering my entire lower half of my body. 

At first I just thought I had poison ivy but wasn’t sure since I am not allergic to it.  When I showed my nurse practitioner my legs she thought it was poison ivy as well until I said I never came in contact with it when the rash appeared.  She asked me if I had done any mud races since she just saw a patient with the exact same rash, not as bad, and the girl said she did the Warrior Dash the same day.  She then explained to me that it was not poison ivy and that it was a fungal rash caused from the mud. 

I didn’t realize that people were experiencing the same symptoms until I decided to ask the question on our facebook page and most people said yes that it was either poison ivy or this mysterious rash that showed up almost a week later.  Some people said it was so bad that they had to go to the ER immediately after the race.  I also checked out the Warrior Dash facebook page and saw many comments on there as well about the exact same symptoms.

We are hoping that you decide to do this race next year in Massachusetts but please make sure you check the course for poison ivy.  We know there isn’t much you can do about the mysterious fungal rash but the poison ivy should be able to be avoided.   From what I could see it didn’t appear that Warrior Dash addressed any of these comments from people and again it’s turning people away from participating next year. 

Hopefully this wasn’t the first time you heard about this but if it was please address this issue with participants.

Thank you,

Alysha Lynch

2) Hi Alysha,

Thank you for the email. Depending on what your rash entails would depend on your treatment. The dirt was manure-free, organic and sifted that we used in the man-made mud pit racers went through. The other mud on the course was natural and was created due to heavy rainfall the week of the race. Safety is a number one priority at all of our events. We clear the course with a contractor before the race and have our medical team walk the course for hazards as well as work with local authorities for safety measures. We strive to make sure everyone has the best experience possible at our events, both before, during and after, but this is as much information as I can provide to you without having any medical background. I hope this helps and I also hope you were able to enjoy your time at the Dash.

Please let me know if there is anything else assist with.


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  1. Really? That’s it?

  2. In other words “don’t blame us, you signed the waiver”. I’m sure their legal team is telling them to be purposefully vague and admit no fault in the hopes in our sue happy culture that no one will. By the way anyone who does is a dink.

  3. Alysha permalink

    I was disappointed in their response as well. I don’t think I was asking for how to cure my rash, I just wanted to make them aware of what the situation was and that perhaps they should comment on it.

  4. I developed a really bad rash. It took two visits to the doctor, multiple antibiotics and I am still struggling with it. It’s better to be sure but it’s still very much a problem. I am very dissapointed in the company’s response. They owe it to the racers to help them resolve the rash becuase clearly we got it from their dirt.

  5. gina permalink

    seriously–very vague and noncommittal response. waiver, yeah yeah. i heard recently that it was a parasite…and have no way to determine whether that is true. the ER that i ended up at simply looked once and said poison ivy, but it didn’t seem to have the same traits. my feet swelled up to resemble tree trunks and i had a hard time walking for about a week, while on vacation of course. it lasted 3 weeks in total with a script for prednisone. i bailed out of the Spartan this past August because it was in the same location. what’s worse is I emailed the Spartan folks asking them what they were doing about the issue and all they said was we are aware and are working on it. RIGHT. no refund from them either. still had fun, just pissed off about the rash thing. what can you do i guess. what’s another scar on my legs.

  6. My daughter ran the Warrior Dash Pocono Speedway last Saturday and has gradually become covered in this itchy rash! Did anyone ever decide how to best treat it? She is now serving at a camp for children with disabilities so I can’t get to her…should I send to to the ER or will it go away? She said Benedryl and topical poison ivy lotions didn’t do a thing for her…? :(

    • Alysha permalink

      The only thing that worked for me was going to the doctor and getting a prescription for presnidone (sp?). Once I started taking it the rash started to go away and by the time I was done taking it completely the rash had pretty much gone away. I would tell her if she can get to a doctor that would be her best option if nothing else is working :(

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